I'm Shelli Quinn (formerly Heinemann), the artist behind Potbelly Bears. I live with my husband, sometimes-visiting grown sons, and a small menagerie of dogs, cats, and finches in beautiful Northern California, where I create works of fabric, paper and fluff in my bright and cozy, smoke-free studio. Since 2004.

I'm so proud to be a multiple Golden Teddy, TOBY, and URSA nominee -- and in 2005, Golden Teddy winner in the *Friends* category with my skunk, Chauncey.

My bears, artist bio, and tutorials I've written have been published many times online and in print, both domestically and abroad; each remains a special honor.

It's a lot of work to keep up with magazine appearances and contest entries, though, especially while raising a family (and growing older and creakier). That's why, in 2007, I retired from competitions and magazine submissions, freeing me to focus instead on developing new skills in bear making, sewing and stitchery, and graphic design. 

I'm honored that you took some time from your day to visit with me and my teddy bears. Please know I'm deeply grateful for your interest and support.  I get to call myself an artist because of your kind patronage. Be assured, I know just how lucky and blessed I am. From the very bottom of my (mohair-covered) heart, I appreciate and thank you.