The 1st of every month near 12:00 p.m. PST, a BUY NOW button appears at the top of this page.  To reserve a commission slot, click the BUY NOW button; pay the deposit; and wait for my eMail, which begins our conversation about your special bear.  To allow time for delivery of materials you request, commissioned pieces will require at least four (4) weeks to complete.  Note: The BUY NOW button is removed as soon as possible after the commission is paid and reserved.  If no button is visible, please visit next month on the 1st and try again.

Once a deposit is received, the commission slot is officially reserved for that month.  If you miss out, be of good cheer; another opportunity is just 30 days away.

Your $150 deposit is nonrefundable and reserves the commission just for you.  This deposit covers only a fraction of the materials and labor that will go into the making of your special bear.  All commissioned bears are priced at a flat rate of $550 (not including shipping; see PURCHASING) and include insurance, delivery confirmation, and the range of custom options listed below.

Elaborate costumes, labor-intensive special features, or unusual fabrics may be possible to negotiate as part of your commission, but will probably require an additional nonrefundable fee to cover special-order materials and/or extra labor (depending on the specifics of your request), payable before work begins.

If a particular bear from my past work appeals, be sure to let me know.  I work so much "smarter" when I understand what you like.  Please note, though, that out of respect for those who purchased one-of-a-kind pieces from me previously, I can't duplicate existing OOAK bears or their accessories.

When your bear is complete, photos of the finished piece will be eMailed to you.  Due to the complexity and permanence of my construction methods, it won't be possible to modify or rework your bear once finished.  If you're pleased -- and I really hope you are! -- pay the balance due and your bear will ship within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excluded).  Final payment is due within 7 days of receipt of photos, after which I'll consider the piece declined and available for sale elsewhere.

If your finished bear displeases, you're free to decline final purchase.  The $150 nonrefundable deposit you paid will be retained and can be applied toward any future POTBELLY BEARS purchase, at any time, without expiration.  Please note, though, that I'm committed to absolute fairness, and am unable to grant priority access to upcoming commission slots or new releases should you decline your finished bear.  Commissioned bears, once paid in full, are not returnable.

A defined range of custom options preserves your right to decline by keeping declined bears in "POTBELLY style" and therefore, sellable elsewhere.  Commissioned bears will measure approximately 15" head to toe and feature four inset pads at hands and feet by default.  My bears are designed to sit with a kerplunkity slouch, and feature hand-shading at face, hands, and feet using permanent pigments. 

All commissions result in teddy bears; I don't create dogs, cats, or other animals for special order at this time.  Clients can choose from the following included options:

  • Color:  Light, medium, or dark  
  • Length:  Short, medium, or long  
  • Density:  Sparse, medium, or dense 
  • Paw pads & inner ears (matching):  Wool felt, Osnaberg, linen, or mohair  
  • Eyes:  Natural colors (green, blue, hazel, brown) w/pupil, or solid black  
  • Nose/mouth thread:  Black, dark grey, or dark brown  
  • Nose proportion:  Big/honky/boyish, or small/dainty/girlish 
  • Any one of the following:  1) handmade felt flower, 2) pointy clowny hat, 3) newspaper hat, 4) tied scrunchy ribbons,  5) big floppy bow (around neck or atop head), 6) Triangular scarf (tied around neck or head), 7) collar,  8) gathered ruff (felt or fabric)
  • Theme:   Flowers, holidays, colors, seasons, etc.
  • Gender:  Boy or girl  
  • Name:  Your choice.  It will be printed on both hang tag & Certificate of Authenticity

    For an additional cost, you can also add:

    Wand (+$60)
    • Ribbon-wrapped wood dowel
    • Custom paperclay topper (pumpkin, decorative finial, face, moon, star, animal, etc.) 
    Wings (+$75)
    • Moth, dragonfly, or butterfly style
    • Wired & flexible
    • Painted/printed, burnout accented, shimmery, sealed fabric
    • Permanently and invisibly attached at the back
    • In the color(s) of your choice 
    Prim crown (+$40)
    • Hand-sculpted paperclay 
    • Painted & sealed
    • Crystal or rhinestone accents
    Floral crown (+$40)
    • Faux or paper flowers
    • Color(s) of your choosing
    • Headband or wreath style (depends on bear)
      Stand-ability (+$30)
      • Wired, slightly shortened legs
      • Broad feet with cardboard/batting inserts, to maintain flatness
      • Extra-firm stuffing in legs and torso required