Please eMail to book your custom Potbelly Bear. When we talk, I'll confirm your aesthetic preferences and provide you with an estimated date of completion.

I'd be delighted to make a bear just for you "in the spirit of" a previous Potbelly Bear. However, I don't duplicate previous one-of-a-kind works out of respect for my collectors, who purchased them with a "forever unique" guarantee.

The base price for commissioned bears is $550 (plus USPS shipping & full coverage insurance, which is required). This price covers one (1) designed-to-sit mohair or alpaca Potbelly Bear of approximately 12" - 16" in height, jointed at neck and limbs, with four pawpads, sewn-in tushtags, and wearing a simple accessory (e.g. bow, ruff)  at neck or head. A signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity is also included.

Elaborate accessories, labor-intensive special features, or unusual fabrics may be possible to negotiate as part of your commission, but will probably require an additional nonrefundable fee to cover special-order materials and/or extra labor, payable before work begins.

I will invoice you via PayPal for the 50% deposit ($275US) due before I begin work. This deposit covers only a fraction of the materials and labor that will go into the making of your special bear and is not refundable. You may pay with your bank account or credit card via PayPal or Square. I'm sorry, but I do not accept personal checks at this time.

When your bear is complete, photos of the finished piece will be eMailed to you for your review. Due to the permanence of my techniques, it won't be possible to modify your custom bear once it's finished.  

You are not obligated to buy the finished bear and may decline to purchase, forfeiting your nonrefundable deposit. If you're pleased, though -- and I really hope you are! -- simply pay the balance due within seven (7) days.* Your bear will ship within 24 hours, weekends and holidays excluded. 

*After 7 days, I'll consider the piece declined and available to other collectors